Center for Landscape and Biodiversity (DivLand). Program: SS – Program aplikovaného výzkumu, experimentálního vývoje a inovací v oblasti životního prostředí – Prostředí pro život. Subprogram: Podprogram 3 – Dlouhodobé environmentální a klimatické perspektivy, WG B. Forest Ecosystems (2021-2026; TA CR PPŽ3-SS02030018)

Tree-ring database as a tool for description and prediction of responses of the main forest tree species to climate change (2021-2024; TA CR PPŽ1-SS0310134)

Scaling of biotic interactions in temperate and tropical forest (2020-2022; CSF P504/20-172825)

Understanding structure and dynamics of temperate forests of Northern Hemisphere – Introduction to the 3rd dimension (2019-2022; Ministry of the Environment INTER-EXCELLENCE INTER-ACTION LTAUSA 18200)

The mystery of biogenic soil creep: the biogeomorphic role of trees in temperate and tropical forests and its ecological consequences (2019-2021; CSF P504/19-09427S)

Biological research and monitoring at landscape level of Czechia. Assuring expert support for environment department activities. Chapter F - Developmental dynamics and biodiversity changes of natrual forests (2018–2022; Ministry of the Environment - 170368)

Ecosystem engineering and soil complexity in old-growth temperate forests (2016–2018; CSF P504/16-15319S)

Spatiotemporal differences in competition between tropical and temperate forest: diversity matters (2016–2018; CSF P504/16-18022S)

Mixed severity disturbances as drivers of structural variability, carbon dynamics, and biodiversity at stand and landscape levels in spruce forests (2015-2017; CSF P504/15-14840S)

Do the laws of the metabolic scaling theory apply in European temperate old-growth forests? Testing at multiple spatial scales (2015-2017; CSF P504/15-23242S)

Monitoring of natural forests of the Czech Republic (2015–2016; Norway Grants EHP-CZ02-OV-1-021-2014)

Deadwood decomposition dynamics in natural temperate forests (2013–2017; CSF P504/13-27454S)

Spatio-temporal pattern of bark beetle spreadig in the natural temperate forest after distrurbance (2012–2015; NAZV K3.1.3.)

Role of disturbance in soil formation and soil variability in temperate forests: synthesis through soil-formation-processes, spatial and time scales (2012–2015; AMVIS/KONTAKT II – LH12039)

Mixed temperate forests dynamics – integration and objectification of conceptual models (2012–2015; AMVIS/KONTAKT II – LH12038)

Empirical inferences about the growth responses of Central European temperate forest trees to disturbance events (2012–2014; CSF P504/12/P900)

Establishment of Zofin Forest Dynamics Plot (2012–2013; Smithsonian Institute Global Earth Observatory)

Tree spatial pattern dynamics in near-natural temperate forests (2011–2014; CSF P504/11/2031)

The effect of disturbance regime on soil variability and soil formation on a coarse spatial scale in a primeval temperate forest (2011–2013; CSF P504/11/2135)

Protected forest areas in Europe – Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR) (2002–2006; COST E-27)

NATMAN – Nature based management of beech forests in Europe (2001–2004)

Forest Reserve Research Network (1997–2000; COST E-4)