Long-Term Ecosystem Research in the Czech Republic


Long-Term Ecological Research

LTER-CZ is the Czech national network of research sites dedicated to long-term ecosystem research, especially with respect to the human impact on status and development of ecosystems. Currently it consists of 22 research sites, 4 of which belong under a LTSER* platform.

Long-term ecosystem research:

  • consists in long-term observation of ecosystem status and functioning

  • is crucial for our understanding of the complex ecosystem behaviour using general ecological principles

  • allows us to detect changes in ecosystems in response to global change drivers such as drought, or different types of pollution; especially those that would be otherwise temporarily hidden in the “noise” of high environmental variability

  • is required for reliable prediction of future changes of ecosystems and their full impact

  • includes also socio-ecological research focused on the interaction of ecosystems and society

*Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research. See LTSER Silva Gabreta

Ecological research in the Czech Republic has a long tradition. Long-term data on biotic and abiotic parameters have been gathered by research institutions and universities in specific topics and projects (e.g. for the International Biological Programme in 1970s) as well as by governmental and regional organizations in regular monitoring for national environmental protection and for the implementation of international conventions.

The Czech National Committee for ILTER is the governing body of LTER-CZ consisting of LTER-CZ site coordinators as well as experts and representatives of the major Czech institutions involved in ecological research. Thanks to the provisional political support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, LTER-CZ could in 2020 officially join the decision process in the building of the future pan-European LTER network within the eLTER RI . It is not yet on the national roadmap but is now being evaluated as a potential extension to two existing national RIs (CzeCOS and SoWa).

LTER sites in the Czech Republic

LTER sites in the Czech Republic