Study of processes in the forest ecosystems under arrest of an expected climatic change (2010–2012; IGA 27/2009; J. Kulhavý)

Expected Climate Change and Options for European Silviculture (ECH-OES) – Belowground carbon allocation in Norway spruce stands (2010–2012; COST EU-FP0703; I. Marková)

Expected Climate Change and Options for European Silviculture (ECH-OES) – Carbon cycle of spruce stands – effects of silviculture as a tool for global change impact mitigation and adaptation (2009–2011; COST EU-FP0703; I. Marková)

Small mammals: an important factor in the process of the forest stand regeneration (2007–2011; NAZV-QH72075; J. Suchomel)

Czech Terra – adaptation of landscape carbon sinks in the context of global change (2007–2011; VaV MZP; J. Kulhavý)

Evaluation of the negative impact of soil degradation processes and possibilities for their restriction – forming bases to fulfil requirements given by the EU proposal of the Directive on soil protection (2007–2009; VaV MZP; J. Kulhavý)

Forest and Wood: the support of functionally integrated forest management and use of wood as a renewable raw material (2005–2011; MSM 6215648902; J. Kulhavý)

Conforest – The question of conversion of pure secondary Norway spruce forests on sites naturally dominated by broadleaves (2000–2008; Project University Freiburg, Germany and EFI Joensuu, Finland; J. Kulhavý)

Sustainable management in forests and in landscape. From conception to realization (1999–2004; MSM 4341 00005; J. Kulhavý)

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Stress identification and its responses in forest ecosystems (1996–2000; MSMT VS 96077; E. Klimo, J. Kulhavý)